Selling A House As Is

Sometimes selling a house as is can be quite cumbersome especially when the house has so much work to be done on it. The truth is, people have very high expectations of whatever house they want to buy, in terms of what should be and not be there, how good the lawn for the house should be, and which things should be part of the package.

This leaves the house seller with lots of stress as they try to figure out how to have their house in the best way they know how, before hitting the advertisement button to announce their house on sale. To be honest, this is a real challenge to anyone who is undergoing a financial crisis or who is on a move and is only interested in selling a house as is. The finances and time needed to renovate the house or clear the clutter are barely enough yet this seems like a basic requirement to have someone make a bid for the house. The average renovation cost is between $40,000 and $60,000.

In the hassle to seek for a buyer for your house, you skirt every online real estate site and as you flip through to try locate a viable buyer, you can’t help but feel weak and hopeless as you glare at the long list of what house buyers are looking for. You see, all you want is selling your house as is at a fairly reasonable price, but is there any such buyer available?

Well, the truth is, there is. However, the challenge is that most such buyers are not willing to pay what exactly your house is worth. By the fact that the house is not exactly ready to be moved into immediately, makes most buyers quite mean in their offer. The desperation of you as the seller are in of selling a house as is and in the shortest time possible, makes them want to take advantage of the situation and manipulate the price.

Looking at the offer at hand, the state of your house, the almost impossible possibility of getting another willing buyer, and the unavailability of money for renovation may make you want to take up the offer while compromising in the real value of your house.

But Wait!

Isn’t there another way out? A better and friendly way? A win-win situation? One that won’t punish you for not renovating or repairing the house but instead selling your house as is?  Well, there is some good news for you, and that is US.

Who are we?

We are a team of real estate experts who are guided by a good work ethic and desire to see you happy and stress-free.

As investors in real estate, we buy all sorts of houses in different states in the U.S and we pretty well understand the market. Our aim is not only to provide the best fair offer to every home seller but also to ensure they get what is duly theirs as per their house worth.

Having come across so many people like you, who want to sell their house as is, basically because they are not in a position to work on them before they sell them, we have chosen to be of help and provide the best platform for all such sellers.

Whether the house requires some major repairs or minor ones or a whole makeover, we don’t select. We have a wide range of clients who are looking for houses to lease or buy. So what we do is that we buy the house from you, do the necessary cleaning and renovations and then make it available to interested buyers. In other words, you just do nothing except selling your house as is to us, and leave the rest to us.

How does this benefit you?

It is no longer a secret that selling a house as an individual or basically what we call “For Sale By Owner,” FSBO, is a challenging task. While some people may opt to take this path due to the fear of engaging a real estate agents and paying high commissions to him/her, there is a much higher chance of making way less by doing the sale yourself and within a longer period.  However, whenever we buy it from you, not only do we do it faster, but at the right value of the house. We spare you the worry of dealing with an agent and the likely frustrations in case the agent is unable to sell the house because of its condition.

Another advantage of selling your house as is to us is that once we value your house, we give you a cash offer, as well as all the necessary help that is in our capacity. This means that with us, there are no selling delays nor need to wait for a buyer to be found, we can buy your house now.

Thirdly, we ask for no fee from you for selling your house as is, neither do we demand any commission whatsoever in association to any transaction cost. That is entirely left to us to handle.

Finally, we spare you the headache. Knowing that you are selling a house as is, regardless of its condition is the greatest relief any homeowner would ever experience. With so much going on in the real estate industry, it is almost impossible to break through by yourself leave alone sell it at any condition.

What’s the process?

  1. What are the reasons for selling your house at is?

People sell their houses for different reasons which could be the need to relocate, financial problems, divorce, retirement, inherited a house, or could be it is a no longer needed house. Whatever the reason you are selling your house as is, we would like to know so that we can take care of any mortgage if any, speed up the process, and relieve you the tax burden for that particular house.

  1. The next step is for us to view your house and value it.
  2. Give you an amazing cash offer.
  3. Once you are impressed by it, then it is time for you to take up the deal. You will then be required to sign the necessary documentation to close the deal for selling your house as is but not before you give us the most favorable closing date. Remember that you pay no fee or commission for all this.

If you are selling your house as is don’t hesitate to reach us out. We are a trustworthy home buying company.

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