How Do I Sell My House In Maryland Fast?

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How Do I Sell My House In Maryland
Fast For Cash?

We Buy Houses In Maryland For Cash, Check Out Our Process below!

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We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

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We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation, no hassle, and no fees.

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Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

We have a unique simple process of cutting out the people in the middle, (agents, banks, etc.) and it enables us to buy your house for cash in any condition. By cutting out the people in the middle it also allows us to close a lot faster than the traditional way. We have truly simplified the home selling process!

It’s Easy AsWhen Selling Your Maryland House to Us

Cash offer for your house, just fill out for

Provide Us Some Basic Information

By filling out the form below, you’ll take the first step toward receiving a cash offer from us. To get started, we only need minimal information: property address, email address, and phone number.

What Will You Do With That Information?

After we receive that information, you’ll be sent another form to provide further details. While the additional information isn’t required, it helps us better understand the property and your situation. After conducting our market research, we’ll contact you to discuss the details. Rest assured, your information is never shared with third parties.

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We Do Our Best To Provide You The Best Offer

We’ll Schedule With You A Property Visit

At a time that suits you, we can schedule a visit to the property. Occasionally, we might be able to give you a price range over the phone. However, by personally inspecting the property and conducting our due diligence, we can present you with our best offer.

Performing Our Property Visit

While walking through the house, we are looking for items that may need repair, replacement, or upgrades. Any information you have about the property would be helpful at this time.

We’ll Calculate Your Offer

We would then take all the data we gather from the walk-through and the market research to provide you with an offer. Normally, we return to our vehicle to crunch the numbers, ensuring we offer you the maximum cash amount for your house.

Go over our offer

We sit down with you and go over our offer and address any questions you may have. This also gives us the time to better understand your situation. We do our best to work with you to provide the best cash offer.

Time For You To Get Paid

Choose The Date Of Closing!

At times, we can close in as few as 8 days. We generally work with you, accommodating your situation, to close on the date you prefer. If you need extra time before finalizing the settlement, that’s no issue for us.

Get Your Money

We only work with licensed and insured title companies. The purchase and sales agreement is provided to them within 48 hours of our signing. They will contact you to request some additional general information. You can specify whether you’d like a check at closing or prefer the money wired to your bank. It’s just that simple.

Are You Still Thinking I Want To Sell My House Fast For Cash

……But Are Looking For That Great Offer!

We Do All The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To

There are many “We Buy Houses” companies that might give you a lowball offer and attempt to persuade you into accepting it. That’s not how we operate. We take the time to do thorough research to provide you with the best cash offer for your house in Maryland. You’re never under any pressure to accept our offer to sell your Maryland house for cash.

Wondering How We Come Up With Our Offer To Buy Your MD House?

When You Want To Sell Your MD Home Fast We Do Our Best To Give You The Highest Offer Possible!

Like Other Cash Buyers, We Based Our Offer On The “After Repair Value”

“Is Zillow’s estimate not what my house is worth???”

Not Exactly! Let Me Explain…..

OK, your neighbor just sold their house, and now you want to sell yours. Both houses have the exact same square footage, so you essentially have identical houses.

However, they spent $80k on updates such as the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, paint, etc.

Let’s say their house sold for $300k. Zillow might then suggest that your house is worth $300k, not taking into account that you didn’t make the same upgrades.

Well What Does That Tell Us?

You’ve got it. After we purchase your house and make the same upgrades as your neighbor did, we should be able to sell it close to that same $300k. This is valuable information..

Now We Know,

After completing the same renovations that your neighbor did, your house (in this example) will have a market value of $300k. This is one reason we don’t provide lowball offers. We take the time to understand the post-repair market value of your home. We aren’t looking to take advantage of someone because of a challenging situation they might be facing.

How Do We Get Our Offer?

We are an honest and transparent company. It’s an simple math formula that we use to calculate the offer.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

A more details about our formula.

Don’t Like Formulas?

No problem. After we determine the market value of the house, minus all cost associated with renovating it (yes including our profit), we’ll have your offer. Just that Simple.

At Simple Homebuyers we do our best to provide you an offer that works. Contact us by using the form below and see why we are normally able to pay more then other investors. If you already have an offer by another investor that you’re happy with, reach out to us to see if we’re able to beat it.

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