Sell My House During Foreclosure

When a homeowner fails to pay or withstand the mortgage agreement, the lender has all the rights to start the process of selling the home or property for foreclosure auction.

The amount gained from the sale is then used to repay the loan.

A foreclosure ends as soon as the borrower loses his home to the bank or lender through auction.

In case you are the one who is unable to deposit the mortgage amount of your home and you’re willing to Sell my house during foreclosure, then Simple Home Buyers is here to offer a helping hand.

Foreclosure can be started by lenders in two ways:

Judicially: Lender can file a report in court seeking for foreclosure.

Outside the court system: Lender can issue a notice of default with the help of mediation from insurance department or Bank before issuing a notice for foreclosure.

If you are someone who is dealing with the same foreclosure situation, then you need not panic. Simple Homebuyers is here to Sell my house during foreclosure and set you free from the mortgage.

Being one of the reputed and reliable home buyers, we take pride in delivering the best possible services to our clients.

To get a clear idea of our work plan, just keep on reading!

How we work:

Give us a brief description of your property so that we can plan accordingly.

If the property successfully meets our buying criteria, we’ll set up a quick appointment to sell my home during foreclosure. 

We’ll continue by sending you a no-obligation offer for the deal to proceed.

After the deal is done, we can offer cash in your hands within 7 days or even less.

Stages of foreclosure:

There are three different stages of foreclosure and all of them are mentioned below:


In this stage, the borrower/homeowner is given the opportunity to pay off the debt in a particular time. Their grace period depends on the location and their specific set of rules.


This stage is reached when the homeowner is unable to pay his/her debts within the given grace period. In this case, the property will go into foreclosure and it’ll be put for public auction.

Real-estate owned/REO:

If the property fails to be sold at an auction, then the listing is being sent back to the lender. The foreclosure gets transferred into a real estate owned property for sale or REO.

Well, the bottom line is that we are here to help homeowners get free from the burden of the mortgage by buying and auctioning their home.

So, if you are willing to Sell my house during foreclosure, then we are here to offer a helping hand.

Why choose us?

We don’t demand any commission/fees while other agents charge up-to 6% on an average.

Agents charge around 2% for the closing cost, but we are here to pay all of it for you.

We don’t demand any inspection and financing contingency to our clients.

We only make cash offers and that too immediately after the deal is done.

We allow you to choose the closing day as per your own choice.

We pay for all the repairs and replacements of the foreclosure property.

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