Sell House Before Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a process whereby a lender repossesses a house on mortgage when the owner can’t make payments. This is one of the toughest experiences anyone can go through. A lot of people don’t know, but there are many ways to get out of the foreclosure scenario.

Some people feel it’s prohibited to sell a house that’s slated for foreclosure. Actually, depending on the time frame, it’s not. You can sell house before foreclosure if the auction period is still a distance away. Selling the house is what may then present a problem due to limited time.

Most times you’ll be served papers when you don’t make payment for the third or fourth month, depending on the law in your state. The time for this process also varies from state to state and is dependent on the type of house. It’s not against the law to sell your house before foreclosure to pay off the bank.


How does this process work?


Sell your house to a cash buyer. Even though you will no longer have ownership of the house, it’s a much better option than having it foreclosed. Simple Homebuyers comes in at this point. We can buy your house and save you the stress of having to go through the foreclosure process. We can also help you sell your home as quickly as possible. We are not realtors, we are an investment agency with professionals on the clock to help clients get through this process.

You are allowed to sell house before foreclosure, up until the time it gets put up for sale by the bank. It’s a good option to utilize this time in selling your house. When you sell house before foreclosure, you can use the funds raised to pay off the lender, thereby clearing all your outside bills and mortgage.


How much time will be left before auction once papers are served?


It all depends on the issuing bank. If your lender is benevolent enough, you can get a longer period of time before the auction date. You also have to be face-up with them. Tell them you want to sell the house so you can pay off the outstanding mortgage, and you need time before foreclosure. It’s imperative that you sell the house as quickly as possible. This can be quite a frustrating venture to take up with realtors. In this kind of a situation, time is of the essence. There’s no time for formalities, and hassles. What you need is a serious buyer to take the home off your hands immediately. Simple Homebuyers are there to help you. We can make sure you sell house before foreclosure and pay off your debts immediately.


How to sell house before foreclosure


This is a case of quick sale quick cash. Anyone whose house is up for foreclosure is under duress. You’d want to sell it as quickly as possible and move onto the next phase of clearing your debt. There are certain things to be done quickly so you can speed up the sale of your house. Read on below.



Know the worth of your house and the amount you owe in mortgage


It’s important to find out the real cost of your house on the market. If you want to sell house before foreclosure, you should consider the amount of money you owe in defaulted payments. Sometimes, it’s not a new thing to see people settle for a much lower price than their house is worth, because they want to sell quickly before the auction day arrives. All they do is make sure that the price they’re selling at can cover their defaulted payments and penalties.

This isn’t a satisfying idea. Simple Homebuyers is here to make sure that you don’t fall prey to such unfortunate deals. We can help you find out the net worth of your house. It’s important to note that a house going up for foreclosure may not really bring in exactly what it’s worth. Many prospective buyers know that auction rates are much lower than original purchase rates. We will help you sell house before foreclosure at a great price very close to what it’s originally worth.


What condition does the house need to be in to sell quickly?


The house can be in any condition if you want to sell it before foreclosure. Although, it’s important to mention that a house in bad condition will probably sell for a low price. If you have the resources, it’s best to try to fix the house up before putting it up for sale. Minor repairs to make it appealing to the buyer are most imminent. For example, fixing up the paint and dangling edges can be done quickly. Also, the curbs and outer surroundings of the house should be put in a presentable condition.

In any case, we here at Simple Homebuyers will buy anything off your hands. All you have to do is contact and trust us to complete the process. It’s totally possible to sell a house before foreclosure if you have the right people working the deal for you. And it’s a much viable option than watching your house get taken away forcefully.



Contact Simple Homebuyers


We’ll advise you to take this as the first step. You should contact us to help you sell house before foreclosure. We are an agency that won’t riddle the deal with delay and shady consultancy. We are one of the most reputable real estate investors in Maryland. We buy houses in all conditions. We can help you get the house off your hands in less time you could have imagined, and for a great price too.

We also offer expert advice on how you can get through this process in the quickest of ways. Foreclosure is a straining process. It’s not easy watching your house sit on the verge of being taken away from you. Simple Homebuyers can help you escape that reality. It true the house still won’t belong to you after the process, but at least you save yourself the legal and financial hassle.

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