Capitol Heights Home Sellers Share Their Experience with Simple Homebuyers




Belinda Shaw, a retired music teacher who lives in Capitol Heights MD wanted to sell her 2-bedroom bungalow before December last year.

I needed someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights MD before December 2018. I wanted so badly to move to New York and live with my daughter and her husband. It was getting too tough on me, being all alone in that apartment. My daughter and her husband had already planned to come to MD and spend the Christmas holidays, and it was agreed that I’d return to NY with them. I was so desperate to find a buyer for my house. My realtor wasn’t giving me any positive feedback. It was such a frustrating period. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon this website after a Google search, and it sounded too good to be real. I had to confirm things before I fell into the wrong hands.”

Belinda made contact with us and as usual, we lived up to our name.

“I told the administrator that I wanted someone who could immediately buy my house Capitol Heights, and we got talking. Before a week ran out, we’d already finished all the procedures and my house had been bought. I really had a wonderful Christmas thanks to them.”

We’re glad we could be of service to Belinda Shaw. She took just the things she needed because she didn’t want to endure the stress of clearing so much. We picked up where she left off and cleaned out her house for her, putting the rest of the property in storage and sending the particulars over to her. We save our customers a lot of stress.



James Wilson, 29-year-old construction engineer wanted to sell his late grandmother’s home in MD. He lives in Illinois and couldn’t let the house waste away. He decided to convert it to funds.

“My grandmother left me a 3-bedroom duplex in MD, and it wasn’t really of any use to me since I’m based in Illinois. I wanted to find someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights, but I was tied down with work and couldn’t find time to head over to MD. I was talking with a friend who told me how quickly he sold his own house before he moved to Illinois. I was surprised when he said, ‘Bro, this investment website offered to buy my house in Capitol Heights when I contacted them, and it was a pretty good deal.’ I thought he was joking, because it all sounded too easy. Luckily, he convinced me to try out, and I did just that. No real estate agents, no stress. I sold my grandma’s house at a good price, and I’ve invested the funds into important things.”




Bill and Cherry Smith wanted to move to California right after their wedding. They needed to sell their home in MD in less than a month, because Bill got a new job over at CA and he needed to be there for a training program. The realtor wasn’t helping their cause so much.

“I contacted the agency at least twice every week, and they never had any positive news for me. It was really hanging on my neck to find someone willing to buy my house in Capitol Heights. My wife had to contact a friend of hers who was on a medical tour in Africa. The lady sold her home off in two weeks before she left and we had to know how. She told us to check out, and we did just that. I didn’t know I could find someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights so easily. The website admin and I got talking, and before a week, deals were finalized and our house was sold. It was really a relief to us.”




Miami-based restaurant manager Ann Davis was moving her mum into an old people’s facility, and she felt it was time to sell off the house. She had a hard time juggling her job, her mum’s move, and the house sale.


“It was such a crazy period for me. My mum said to me, ‘You can’t easily get someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights.’ She said that because her house is a 560 ft. square tiny home. She felt such a small house wouldn’t sell in MD, but she was wrong. I went online and made a few searches. I came across this website and the whole thing just intrigued me. If I could easily get someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights from here, why waste any more time? I immediately contacted the administrator, and before long, they bought my mum’s house and I moved her into the facility. The really saved me from a lot of stress.”




Ben Johnson, retired vet doctor based in MD felt it was time he moved closer to family in Dallas. He lived in a small two-bedroom home with his dogs, and he wanted to sell off the house and move back home.

“I spent 30 years of my life in MD, and I felt it was time to go back to my roots. I didn’t want to have any property lying around, so I started looking for someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights. A friend of mine wanted to make a down payment, but the deal fell through at the last minute. I was discussing with my secretary at the clinic while clearing my office out, and she told me how her neighbor sold off her house in a week. She contacted he lady and got the name of this website, and I immediately looked it up. I told the admin I wanted someone to buy my house in Capitol Heights as soon as possible, and we got talking. In less than a week, my house was sold, and I happily moved home to Dallas.”




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